With moving from my birth country I always thought that I had lost my identity. I was always looking for it and trying to express it in different ways. Later on I relaxed and did nothing anymore. This is me and my existence right now. My identity is at this place and this moment, nowhere else. I invented myself everytime I appear and go forward because time just goes in one direction. If there is more than one time, universal time you can't measure it because there is no clock outside of the universe. But can you measure identity? Is it possible to capture them all-in the sea of moments of changes? Time is change and the change is occurring all the time. From the moment that you are born till now you construct an idea of a timeline, an idea that there is something eternal inside you that is still the same from the moment that you were born but it's not. Ego is an illusion. So if time means change and ego is an illusion you can become anyone or anything true to yourself. You are in charge of your internalization. Everything you see and surround yourself with at this exact moment is part of you till the next moment of change. Your brain takes perception and sorts things out to norms or models, you make different piles so you can focus on what is important to you. Identity is a momentum and time is God. 

The study of alien identity is of great importance in current times. We live in a time of immigration, a time when a lot of people have had to leave their home nations. This can be confusing, we become confused about who we are, or where we fit in.